Strategic Problem Solving Process


Lynn Upshaw’s clients have achieved consistent success with this practical, rapid problem-solving process that helps them home in on the key issues that may be holding back their marketing efforts, or that could propel them in the future.


Each project is personally conducted by Lynn Upshaw and is custom designed to focus on what is working and not working for a company. Some examples of past Strategic Problem Solving Process (SPSP) subjects: Determining the optimum business plans, identifying the most leverageable marketing targets; triangulating toward a new brand positioning; reconciling marketing programs with revised corporate metrics; and identifying new markets for existing or new product lines.


The SPSP procedure varies by client, but usually involves:

  • Brief but comprehensive discovery process – An in-depth interviewing, analysis of existing research and other background information
  • Full-day consensus-building workshop – This carefully planned and executed workshop focuses management or marketing teams on the core issues that are standing in the way of achieving business goals, and that often hold the key to significant new business gains
  • Synthesis of findings and observations – Lynn Upshaw then syntesizes all that he has learned in the brief, but intensive discovery and workshop process, and prepares the material for final recommendations
  • Written and presented marketing recommendations – After working with dozens of corporations of all sizes and industries, Lynn Upshaw will deliver candid and immediately actionable recommendations that can begin to make a difference in a business within days of implementation.  All recommendations adhere to clients’ needs for real world metrics and accountability.

For more information and a complimentary e-brochure on the Strategic Problem Solving Process, please contact Upshaw Marketing.