Personal Leadership Marketing

A company’s staff members do not automatically buy into what their leaders propose. No matter how horizontal or hierarchical the organization, people need to be persuaded that what they are being asked to do really is what is best for them and for the organization.

No executive would try to build a business without a well-thought-through business plan. And yet, many attempt to lead their people without laying out a clear, strategically-driven plan to “market” their vision, mission, and initiatives to their people, let alone to external constituencies.

Based on his work as a successful marketing executive marketing consultant and his teaching at the Berkeley-Haas School of Business and UC-Berkeley Center for Executive Education, Lynn Upshaw has developed a Personal Leadership Marketing program that helps executives at all levels to apply the same rigorous, strategic discipline to their leadership efforts that they do to their business as a whole.  The program consists of:

  • Identifying the optimum goals for the organization that will be directly impacted by your personal leadership decisions.
  • Custom building a plan to engage your people in your vision so that they will be motivated to follow your lead to a new level;
  • Creating a strategic personal brand program that helps you propel your own professional career, using the disciplines of strategic marketing planning, while respecting the best interests of your staff at all times.
  • Building and maintaining a performance tracking system that monitors how effectively the executive is achieving his or her goals