Building An Internal Marketing Program

It’s commonly believed that the sole role of marketing is to sell products and services externally to customers. In fact, the first and most urgent job of marketing is often to sell inwardly toward a company’s people. It is only when the people of the company fully understand and are committed to the value proposition and brands of the organization that external marketing can accomplish all it’s designed to do.

We suggest taking several steps, beginning with constructing an internal marketing plan that includes the following components:

  • Internal marketing situation analysis
  • Recommended internal marketing plan outline:
    • Marketing objectives
    • Brand strategy
    • Key messaging strategies (targeting, positioning, tonal elements)
    • Brand contact strategy (where brand can be driven through organization), e.g., hiring, training, selling, technical support, etc.
    • Specific programs (see right column for what they might include)

Once the internal marketing program is completed, marketing and communications teams should be assigned to specific sectors in the company to implement the marketing efforts, with one overall goal: To rally the people of the company around the company masterbrand.

Specific Programs

  • Internal celebrations of achievements that reinforce the brand strategy
  • Internal “trade shows” with booths and exhibits
  • Videotapes mailed to employee homes
  • Printed collateral, in employee “kits”
  • Online word of mouth programs (social media, email, proprietary communications system, intranet, customer contact via extranet, external website)
  • Physical marketing reminders, possibly including posters, intranet graphics, banners, screen savers, desktop novelties, etc. should carry the masterbrand name, logo, key phraseology and, where possible, a brief explanation of what the masterbrand stands for in the marketplace.