Available Learning Programs

The following is a list of our learning programs (abridged):

  • Re-positioning the Competition: How to achieve maximum leverage in the marketplace, even with limited budgets.
  • The MBA Brand Course: An abridged, but comprehensive program of brand management training. (Based on Lynn Upshaw’s first book, Building Brand Identity, and his teaching at the Berkeley-Haas School of Business at UC-Berkeley).
  • Marketing Integrity: Training marketers how to succeed in the new age of skepticism: It’s a tough new world out there and marketers had better know the new rules, or pack it in. (Based on Lynn Upshaw’s latest book, Truth: The New Rules of Marketing in a Skeptical World).
  • Customer Partnering – Walking in Their Shoes: How marketers can “walk in their shoes” (W.I.T.S.) to understand the deeper meanings of what and why customers do what they do, and what prospects are looking for.
  • Organizing The Brand For Growth: Full instruction on brand architecture and portfolio configurations, and exercises that show participants how to determine the optimum architecture for their organizations.
  • Powerful Internal Marketing: This course helps participants learn how to build a company-wide masterbrand from the inside out, turning an organization into a more formidable competitor – and a better place to work. (Based on Lynn Upshaw’s The Masterbrand Mandate, co-authored with Earl L. Taylor).
  • The Marketing of Marketing: Marketing accountability and how to sell marketing programs to executive management.