Teaching and Training

Learning That You Will Apply The Next Day

Short-term memory marketing training – We’ve all been there: your boss asks you to take some training program.  At first, you think it might be fun because it’s a break from the routine, or because the material actually sounds like it may be helpful to your work. But when you show up you find yourself listening to a slick trainer talk about marketing like it’s the third topic (out of five) that he’s presented that week. The next day one of your colleagues asks you what the training was about and you draw a blank.”I’m too young for memory problems,” you think, not realizing that memories are fed by relevant and meaningful material, not clever presentation techniques.

The two mistakes made here:  1) the training was designed by someone who didn’t really understand what you needed.  2) You were not pushed to remember and use the material because the training was the first and last time you ever heard from the trainer.

Lynn Upshaw trains businesspeople and teaches MBA students, and he’s developed a “teaching/training” method that is driven by his unique perspective: marketing is his profession but teaching is his calling.  His sense of mission brings his clients the best of both worlds.  As a result, his MBA students and corporate participants not only remember what they have been taught – they are excited by their new understanding, and all the more so because they are able to use it starting the next day.

Here are some examples: