The Work of Lynn Upshaw

Comprehensive Marketing Planning

Lynn Upshaw has researched and written dozens of marketing plans across a broad range of industries. Each plan is unique, but generally includes these components:

  • Corporate Strategy Planning – Because many of the issues Lynn Upshaw delves into on client engagements, he is often called upon to craft or comment on fundamental corporate strategies which, in turn, impact the direction of marketing planning.
  • Targeting Research & Analysis – Working with select marketing research providers, Lynn has designed and managed many marketing research projects that have yielded critical new information about client opportunities.
  • Comprehensive Brand Platform Development – One of Lynn Upshaw’s specialties is the development of comprehensive brand marketing strategies that provide the framework for years of successful marketing efforts. Lynn has extensive experience working with consumer and business marketers in developing unique and compelling value propositions, market positionings, and brand personae
  • Brand and Product Architecture Planning – In his long consulting career, Lynn has worked on many architecture-related projects that require a broad experience in understanding the relationship of portfolio members to one another and the marketplaces in which they compete.
  • Tactical Marketing Implementation and Marketing Analytics– Lynn Upshaw helps clients to successfully launch their programs in the marketplace and track their progress over time, including translating strategies into result-driven in-market tactics and trace the progress of clients’ marketing efforts.
  • Brand Naming – Lynn Upshaw has organized and supervised naming projects for clients in the high tech, business services, and other fields. Lynn provides a strong strategic direction for naming projects that all too often can be driven by personal preference rather than by customer and company needs.
  • Selected Litigation Support – Lynn Upshaw provides litigation support for attorneys and their clients, including research, expert witness report writing, depositions, and trial testimony. Litigation support engagements are accepted when Lynn Upshaw is free to render an objective opinion about the case in question, and if working on behalf of the client will not compromise or conflict with the work of current or past Upshaw Marketing clients.