Representative Client Engagements

Lynn Upshaw of Upshaw Marketing has successfully conducted general marketing and brand building projects for a broad range of client organizations. While the confidentiality of the work conducted by Upshaw Marketing prevents us from providing specific descriptions, the following are general profiles of projects accomplished within the recent past.

  • Positioning and repositioning strategies — Served as lead consultant for chief marketing officers in numerous corporations as they positioned new product/service brands, and repositioned existing brands. Competitive advantage delivered: Engineered a series of positionings and repositionings that significantly enhanced the market leverage of the brands involved.
  • Marketing training — Designed and implemented numerous brand training programs at major corporations in the packaged goods, technology, and financial services industries. Competitive advantage delivered: Educated and motivated large groups of employees to learn to be and act like brand advocates. Programs include small group and large group interactive workshops, online training, company-wide brand events, and brand certification programs. (See Building An Internal Marketing Program)
  • Brand architecture and portfolio development — Led research, evaluations, and strategic initiatives to create or reconfigure brand portfolios in computer networking, energy, financial services, and publishing industries. Competitive advantage delivered: Strengthened the structure, clarity and impact of existing and emerging architecture systems.
  • Business plan development — Designed and developed numerous business and marketing plans, using a proven structure and development approach, for service, technology, packaged goods, and financial services organizations. Competitive advantage delivered: Created a roadmap for future growth in excess of competitive moves.
  • General strategic planning/equity research management/corporate repositioning — Led major healthcare association in overhaul of their strategic planning process and positioning, including design and analysis of equity research. Competitive advantage delivered: Helped companies begin to market as one organization, rather than as counter-productive silos.
  • Brand management consulting — Provided ongoing, multi-year strategic support for leading international financial services organization involving brand equity research and analysis, strategic planning, and internal brand communications. Competitive advantage delivered: Provided strategic focus in complex marketing organization, just as major competitor was strengthening its presence globally.
  • New product development planning — Served as lead marketing consultant and brand building trainer for a US marketing team of a leading international packaged goods company. Competitive advantage delivered: Designed and helped implement strategic information and marketing guidelines that contributed to successful new product launch.
  • Long-term strategic consulting — Facilitated corporate and brand planning for well-known edutainment software company. Competitive advantage delivered: Provided strategic focus in loosely organized marketing setting.
  • Corporate and banner brand repositioning — Led team of branding consultants in the repositioning of a leading healthcare provider. Competitive advantage delivered: Led efforts to create new positioning that served as the basis for an extremely successful marketing communications campaign.
  • Professional services marketing — Led strategic planning and team brand building for several professional services firms. Competitive advantage delivered: Provided strategic and marketing focus within a newly branded setting, thus fueling new marketing programs.
  • Non-profit Marketing and Brand Redevelopment — Led 10-person marketing and communications team in rebuilding the strategic framework for a major Northern California non-profit’s brand marketing efforts, internal and external marketing support programs that provided the organization with new momentum at a time of leadership transition.