The Masterbrand Mandate
The Management Strategy That Unifies Companies and Multiplies Value

book_masterbrand_lgBy Lynn B. Upshaw and Earl L. Taylor, Ph.D.
(304 pages, John Wiley & Sons, New York)In the treacherous markets in which today’s companies do battle, corporate leaders stretch to find every sustainable advantage. Smarter brand management can provide one such edge, but it is becoming apparent that managing an entire company as an enterprise-wide “masterbrand” can yield even more leverage and lasting market value in the New Economy.

Written by two highly successful brand and corporate strategists, The Masterbrand Mandate provides CEOs and their senior managers with proven, practical steps for unifying and multiplying the value of their companies, whether they are large or small, or employ offline or online channels. Progressive leaders of masterbrand companies build their businesses upon brand-driven strategies, not just organizational values. They respond to the mandate from their people and the marketplace to reenergize their companies with a pervasive brand commitment.


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Critical praise for Lynn Upshaw’s The Masterbrand Mandate:

The Masterbrand Mandate is a superb read for anyone involved in the management or building of brands.”

— C. Steven McMillan, President and Chief Operating Officer, Sara Lee Corporation

The Masterbrand Mandate shows why successful brands must both reflect and guide the organizational values, culture and business strategy in this Internet age. It is a “now” book that anyone managing an organization should read.”

— David A. Aaker, B.T., Grether Professor of Marketing Strategy at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
Vice Chairman of Prophet Strategy Group

The Masterbrand Mandate is an exceptional book that successfully demonstrates why it is the responsibility of the entire enterprise, led by senior management, to drive the masterbrand throughout the company as a critical part of its strategy.”

— Bruce L. Claflin, President and Chief Operating Officer, 3Com Corporation

The Masterbrand Mandate is on the money–literally and figuratively! Both visionary and practical, it successfully tackles the modern challenges of brand-building head-on. This book is an invaluable guide for designing break-through brand strategies in the new economy.”

–Kevin Lane Keller, E. B. Osborn Professor of Marketing, Dartmouth College

“Lynn Upshaw and Earl Taylor have written an extraordinary blueprint for building a formidable company-wide masterbrand. Every CEO – and everyone who hopes to be a CEO – should read this book.”

–Charles Brymer, Group Chief Executive, Interbrand Corporation

“I served as the head of global marketing for The Coca-Cola Company and my regret is that I did not have the insight and approach of The Masterbrand Mandate to guide me during that tenure. This is a superb work that takes the concept of branding to an entirely new level of analysis and understanding. I salute Upshaw and Taylor and encourage anyone involved in branding at the practitioner or academic level to quickly get a copy of this marvelous book. It will become certainly a part of any future course I teach at the University of California at Berkeley.”

–Peter Sealey, former head of marketing, Coca-Cola, Inc.
Adjunct Professor of Marketing, Haas School of Business, University of California/Berkeley

“This is an outstanding book for the brand marketer and her CEO, both of whom need to make the most of their equities in unbelievably competitive times. The book explains clearly why creating a masterbrand within an organization makes it much more likely that business goals will be met, and why the people of the company will feel as if they are all pulling in the same direction. I recommend this book for everyone looking for an extra edge in the battle for the customer’s mind, and the employee’s heart.”

–Caroline McNally, Executive Vice President of Global Brand Marketing, Visa International