Building Brand Identity
The Strategy For Success In A Hostile Environment

book_building_lgBy Lynn B. Upshaw
(356 pages, John Wiley & Sons, New York)It has never been easy to establish and maintain a strong brand identity, and now, with the fracturing of conventional media, mounting consumer distrust, and an unprecedented proliferation of new brands, it is more difficult than ever.Building Brand Identity – A Strategy For Success In A Hostile Marketplace is a book written by Lynn Upshaw, an acknowledged brand building expert. Using more than 350 real world examples, Building Brand Identity provides senior marketing executives and their managers with proven, practical steps for overcoming brand building obstacles, demonstrating how to develop a comprehensive strategy for winning the “brand wars.
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Critical praise for Lynn Upshaw’s Building Brand Identity:

“Lynn Upshaw has created a masterpiece for stewards of the great consumer brands of our time.”

–Peter Sealey, Former Sr. Vice President/Global Marketing, Coca-Cola, Inc.
Professor, Haas School of business, University of California/Berkeley

“Lynn Upshaw’s book is a rare business book that is both highly readable and informative.”

–David Aaker, Author of Building Strong Brands and Managing Brand Equity

“The writing is superb … enormously engaging.”

–Charles Schewe, co-author, The Portable MBA in Marketing

“Lynn Upshaw has written a thorough, realistic, and well-documented volume that … offers practical advice every marketing manager … should take to heart.”

–Herbert Baum, CEO Quaker State Corporation

“It’s a must for any marketer or marketing organization.”

–Don Schultz, Professor, Northwestern University

“If you’re in business – and plan to stay in business – you really don’t have a choice. You must read this book.”

–Jerry Della Femina, Author and marketing communications executive