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It’s not easy being green

Coke tried and failed to market their green-sheathed Life product in the past couple of years.   Scientists and other critics claimed that Coke was guilty of “health washing”, that is, removing some sugar in favor of a stevia-based sweetener, but retaining an adult’s dose of sugar for one day in one bottle.  Personally, I think the […]

Brands Falling From the Skies

The recent rash of horrible happenings on airliners are clearly brand equity torpedoes.  What are the chances that similar violations of guest rights would happen at Nordstrom or Ritz Carlton?  How likely is it that psychological assaults (not to mention physical ones) would ever break out in customer encounters with Zappos or USAA?  The airline industry is […]

Curating Great Marketers

Three ways to grow the best marketing team by Lynn B. Upshaw Marketers are scrambling to refine their skills at the delicate art of content curation – the aggregating, organizing, and disseminating of information that customers value.  In the same way, marketing leaders might consider how best to “curate” the optimum marketing teams.  Here are […]

Marketing Marketing

Make sure your marketers get what they deserve by Lynn B. Upshaw When business goals are achieved marketers are certain to get some of the credit.  But when performance falls short marketers can also receive disproportionate helpings of blame.  What Marketing needs is better marketing. More than ever, marketing leaders need to ensure that their […]

Beware the Empty Chair

  Hire the right marketer before you build the right product By Lynn B. Upshaw Dozens of MBA students have come to me over the years to discuss their start-up plans.  When I meet with them I frequently ask, “So, which one of you is the marketer?” The common reply: “Hiring a marketer is definitely […]

Pepsi discovers the equity in packaging … a century late

Pepsi announced recently that they will be introducing a new bottle design which will add great value to the brand. Coke’s iconic bottle design, in the meantime, has been with us since 1915. The master marketer has made the unforgettable shape into a packaging equity that is more valuable than any other brand counterpart in memory.

Mouse Wars: mistake or genius?

George Lucas has certainly earned a comfortable retirement. He’s given a couple of generations some of their best memories inside movie theaters. But will his last major business deal end up costing him a big chunk of legacy?

Pull back marketing

Several times over the past few years a famous brand has mangled some of its most valuable equity, then rapidly cut bait before the fish could even bite.

When an iPhone sleeps, does it have nightmares?

Is it just me or is Samsung looking more and more like Apple’s worst nightmare? It wasn’t that many years ago that Samsung was the electronics brand you bought when you couldn’t afford Sony.

Veggie revenge

US fast food chains are taking on some of the toughest competition in the world: vegetarians. Subway — the largest chain of its kind in the US (yep, bigger than McD’s in outlets) — opened a Jain counter in Ahmadabad in western India.