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When an iPhone sleeps, does it have nightmares?

Is it just me or is Samsung looking more and more like Apple’s worst nightmare? It wasn’t that many years ago that Samsung was the electronics brand you bought when you couldn’t afford Sony. Then, in the 1990s their home-grown CEO, Yung Jon Yong, said something that those in the South Korean company had never heard, “Our future will depend on our brand equity.”

That was like telling the New York Yankees that they were never going to win another pennant unless they dropped their pinstripes. But Mr. Yun and his teams actually made it happen. When he spoke those words the Samsung brand was ranked forty places behind Sony in terms of market valuation. Today, Samsung is one of the most profitable electronics companies on the planet and its brand is ranked 9th in the world, according to Interbrand, and Sony is 40th.

Plus, Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones passed the iPhone in sales in Q3 ’12, and Samsung is pouring it on in terms of marketing spending, advertising creativity, and seemingly relentless product innovation. All the while, Apple is planning a less expensive iPhone for emerging markets.

What’s next … Hyundai becomes a legitimate luxury brand while Mercedes tries to see how low it can go? Yep.