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Marketing Mistakes We Can All Learn From

Mouse Wars: mistake or genius?

George Lucas has certainly earned a comfortable retirement. He’s given a couple of generations some of their best memories inside movie theaters. But will his last major business deal end up costing him a big chunk of legacy?

Sure, you can criticize him for making three prequels that were a bad reflection of Episodes 4-6, and for failing to hand over the writing reins when he had lost his touch. And, yes, he over-licensed the brand to every Tom, Dick, and Lego, but he also made billions and that can’t be all bad.

He also was responsible for such American classics as THX 1138 (from which he later derived his theater audio brand, THX), American Graffiti, Indiana Jones, and the first three Star Wars movies. He also created Industrial Light and Magic, the premier special effects studio in the world.

Lucas made a fortune with his movies and other properties, but even more from. So let’s not get all bent out of shape just because he sold the franchise to Disney.

If you can’t trust Disney with your brand, who can you trust? (I know, I’m a little concerned, too).